What would you call your italian restaurant for golfers? How would you market your miniature golf course for your mom and her friends? What are the customers of your maid service for the mafia saying about your work? 

Brand$tanding is soon to be crowdfunded improv game that lets you unleash your inner entrepreneur as you build your brand idea, pitch it to the table, and win the funding you need to make your idea a reality. The hundreds of people who have played the game are raving about it, and you can get in on the ground floor of the action. 
“I’ve always wanted this game to exist.”
Sarah Lessmann 
Brand$tanding is a really clever social game, no subject matter expertise required! I've seen a lot of party games, this one has great replayability and applicable for players of all ages.
jeff abramson 
Coowner Rainy day games
"Brandstanding is the game that I never knew I needed in my life. Its usefulness transcends that of a normal game in that I can use Brandstanding as an educational tool for my marketing team. I was hooked the moment that I had to create a company that sold banking services to hippies." 
Jesse Weiler
Marketing professional
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